About Us

We are a team of scientists, software devils and hands-on consultants helping companies in turning ideas and dreams into Artificial Intelligence solutions. 


We live and breath AI and ML and just love waking up every day to new challenges

AI Factory, Enabling AI


Our Tool Box

Deep Learning
Anomaly detection
Exploratory data analysis
Time series analysis 
Pattern recognition
Computer vision
Image classification
Face & object detection
Feature & pattern recognition
Background segmentation
Emotion detection
On-edge deployment 
Iot devices
Intelligent search systems
Sentiment analysis
text analysis -
unstructured & semi-structured data compliance monitoring
Speech analysis
voice recognition
speech-to-text and text-to-speech
similarity search for audio files
Audio recommendation & Indexing

Our Process

Feasibility Analysis

We apply a feasibility analysis to determine a project's attainability degree and identify potential problems. 

The machine learning analysis should answer the questions:

  • should we do that?

  • What are the problems we can expect?

  • can we determine what is the data needed for the project? 


We base the AI architecture on classic software foundations & the following considerations:

  • Data sources(s) - available, ready to
    use data + data created by using
    machine learning and deep learning.

  • Data classifications and labeling.

  • Setting up the retraining mechanism.

  • Tuning and provisioning.


During the prototype phase we validate the project’s feasibility tests and fine tune architecture and design.


We supply an overall software implementation, testing and

deployment solutions.  Highly experienced in deployment onto Edge device devices such as Mobile and IOT.


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