Computer vision Expert

We are looking for a computer vision and image processing  expert to lead the data science development in a system exploits data originated from radar satellites imageries to solve complicated issues in a variety of industries

The candidate should also have practical experience in designing and implementing machine and deep learning systems.

Required qualifications:

  • BSc or MSc graduates in Computer science/Electrical engineering/Math or similar

  • High proficiency of TensorFlow, Python and SQL 

  • Experience of at least 2 years as a team leader, preferably in data science/deep learning projects

  • Experienced in PyTorch, Keras. C, c++

  • Experience with remote sensing, geospatial analytics, and GIS development.

  • Experience working with signal & image processing.

  • Strong background in statistics and statistical programming skills.

  • Experience with AWS environment.



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Machine learning & computer vison - Junior Position

We are  looking for a fresh university graduate, passionate about machine learning to join our team

Required qualifications:

  • BSc  Computer science/software engineering/electrical engineering

  • At least 1 year of experience in Python and SQL

  • Profound understanding of computer vison and image processing

  • Experience in OpenCV

  • Experience in TensorFlow/Keras/PyTorch

  • Experience in C/C++ - an advantage

  • Eager to learn and explore

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